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Re: Thunderbird: how to automatically check spam folder?

Em 16-05-2018 08:04, Balaco ocalaB escreveu:
Hello, people.

In a mail account at Yahoo, sometimes bulk messages appear in their
folder. But in Thunderbird, which is what I use to check my account,
most of the time, it is hard to see they arrived. I have to click on the
"Bulk Mail" folder. The number of unread messages of inbox folder is
automatically updated, with the configured interval.

Is there a way to make that Bulk Mail folder also updated in a time

I have another mail account where all folders are inbox subfolders (and
I did not create folders outside inbox, which should be possible). In
this account, the folder used by TB for bulk has its message count
updated everytime I unfold the folder list in TB left panel. This is
just a reference to compare to my problem, I never saw this in other
accounts my whole life.

Forgot to say: it usually happens that only when I access my account in webmail interface, I see that there is a new bulk message. All the main folders are listed there with the number of unreads shown.

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