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Pi-hole Ad Blocker

REF: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-05-10/inside-the-brotherhood-of-pi-hole-ad-blockers
Mini: https://tinyurl.com/Pi-HoleAdBlocker

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Most ad blockers have to be installed on individual devices and work only in web browsers, but Pi-hole blocks ads across an entire network, including in most apps. (Two big exceptions, both for technical reasons, are YouTube and Hulu.) It can’t block ads inside Facebook, but it can stop Facebook from following you around the web. It’ll let you play Bejeweled without seeing ads between games, watch Mr. Robot ad-free in the USA app, stream NPR with silence in place of the sponsor messages, and avoid the banner ads that have become common on internet-connected TVs. If friends come over and connect to your Wi-Fi, it’ll block ads for them, too.
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Anyone use this and, if so, how useful did you find it? Specifically, it appears that it suggests using a dedicated Linux-based processor, e.g., Raspberry-Pi and then configuring one's router to use it's IP address as the DHCP DNS server. Then, using a site blacklist, it simply exchanges blacklisted sites IP addresses with its null one; essentially, never downloading the blacklisted site data at all.

Q1. Does using it as a DNS server slow down the internet internet data transfer performance?

Q2. How much maintenance is involved in keeping it working reliably?

Q3. How does this compare to using a hosts file blocklist like

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