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Re: Pop up bar with mic and camera

On 5/15/2018 11:24 AM, limomail92@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, how do I get rid of pop up bar from mozzila that shows that something is using mic and/or cam, because it's quite annoying when it's on top of everything. Here's an image of what I'm talking about, in case my explanation isn't very clear. https://imgur.com/pqCpgS1

What's mozzila?

If you are referring to the Firefox browser which is a Mozilla product type about:preferences#privacy into the address bar.

Scroll down to the Permissions section.
Click the Settings button for Camera.
Enable "Block new requests asking to access your camera"
Repeat for the Microphone.
Repeat for any other item in the list.

You might want to review all items in Options while you are there.
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