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Fwd: Iran Is Preparing To Exterminate Israel


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Dear Friend,

\*\*Recent events have the world on edge\*\*. Iran launched an attack of 20 missiles at Israeli military posts in the Golan Heights, the first such attack against Israeli soil in history...

Israel responded to the attack by launching missiles of their own and sending fighter jets to attack dozens of Iranian military targets in Syria. \*\*The largest wide-scale attack since the 1973 Yom Kippur War.\*\* Israel and the world are waiting to see how Iran will retaliate.

\*\*Iran is considered Israel’s most powerful enemy in the Middle East.\*\* Israel has photographic evidence that Iran has moved \*\*80,000\*\* extremist fighters to Syria along Israel’s border, and have helped supply \*\*130,000\*\* missiles that are ready to devastate Israel’s cities. At that same time, Iranian officials are repeatedly promising to \*\*“annihilate”\*\* Israel with the following vengeful statements:

\*\*_Our fingers are on the trigger and the missiles are ready to fire._\*\* \*\*_We need to prevent this illegitimate entity (Israel) from continuing to exist even one more day._\*\* 

 General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s army

\*\*_Iran has the ability to obliterate Israel and given the excuse, (it will) turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into dust._\*\*

 Ali Shiraz, Iranian senior official 

Words cannot express the potential loss of life and devastation that we could be looking at... What we know for sure is that in a matter of moments the need for \*\*life-saving emergency care could become the most desperate need of Israel\*\*.

\*\*MAGEN DAVID ADOM\*\*\*\* , Israel’s Red Cross agency,\*\* is also preparing. They are urgently gathering the resources they will need when war comes. They are stockpiling medical supplies. They are training their paramedics and EMTs for improved care and faster response times. They are hard at work processing and storing emergency blood supplies.

\*\*But without the help of friends like you, they will not be ready.\*\* They will not have enough bandages and dressings. They will not have enough emergency equipment. They will not have enough ambulances and emergency vehicles. They will not have the blood reserves they need.

( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/35333?id=57398865.10897.1.bffc6a7b21b813cad73e40f43a463ffa )

Israel is under constant threats from political enemies and military enemies who have pledged to rain destruction on the homes of over 8 million people, beloved by God. \*\*MAGEN DAVID ADOM\*\* must do everything possible to stay prepared. \*\*Everything is needed: bandages, ambulances, trauma equipment, and bolstering the nation’s blood supply.\*\*

The people of Israel may have never been in greater danger than today. Your support at this time is absolutely essential. \*\*Will you stand with Israel?\*\*

When you give your BEST GIFT of any amount, we will send you this beautiful_ “ \*\*I Stand With Israel”\*\* _ \*\*Window Decal\*\*. Proudly proclaim to the world that you stand with Israel by displaying this one-of-a-kind removable window decal on your car, at your office, and even at home. This full-color, 4” x 4” decal will be an everyday reminder that you have donated to help save lives in Israel.

Please give right now. Every gift is needed. \*\*Not one dollar will be wasted\*\*.

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 ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/35333?id=57398865.10900.1.3f65b1eb58f42d35ff5733a22443b979 )

MAGEN DAVID ADOM, Israel's national Red Cross society, provides emergency medical care and ambulance services for victims of terror, natural disasters, automobile accidents, and other emergencies in Israel. They are also responsible for 97% of Israel's national blood supply. MAGEN DAVID ADOM is saving lives in Israel every day.

\*\*CLICK HERE TO FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS\*\* ( https://sable.madmimi.com/c/35333?id=57398865.10903.1.af1558dbd2adc580592b5be02306166f&p=eyIlN0IlN0JtaW1pLXNpZ25hdHVyZSU3RCU3RCI6IjE0NTM3MjE5NC03Mzc2MDkxODcwLTEzYWZkZTFkYWU2ZGZhODY3MjkwZjJkOWI4Zjc3NzY4YjMyNmYwM2IiLCIlN0IlN0JtZW1iZXItaWQlN0QlN0QiOjczNzYwOTE4NzAsIiU3QiU3QmVtYWlsSWQlN0QlN0QiOiI1NzM5ODg2NSJ9 ).

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