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Re: Swearing on these newsgroup(s)

Jim Fisher wrote:
On 14 May 2018 at 17:37, Good Guy wrote:

May I request you all not to swear on this newsgroup (or on Test
newsgroup).  Recently there was a post containing a swear word and
nobody took the initiative to remove the swear word when replying.

I can understand that English is not the main language for some people
but if you are lost with words then please use asterisks. Swearing has
no place on this newsgroup.

There is no moderation here so please behave responsibly.

Thank you.

While I have no time for swearing, I resent even more the use of euphemisms and
their childish equivalent, the use of asterisks to replace letters. On the
other hand, so-called swear words used with their proper meaning I have no
problem with at all. My strongest condemnation, though, is of attempts at

Jim Fisher

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