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Playing with cookies.xul, which lead to playing with omni.ja, which....

In the threads about Firefox I started yesterday, I discovered a nice cookie manager that comes with Firefox:


This works in FF ESR 52.2.0 - and probably many other versions, but not all! This seems to have been removed from FF 61 (at least, and I imagine it has been removed when the "bad FF changes" started).

I had the idea of removing just the file part from the above address. It is a nice idea! Firefox showed all the content of the preferences directory! And it also shows where that XUL file is installed.

In my linux, the first line in that directory page is:

" Content of directory jar:file:///usr/lib/firefox-esr/browser/omni.ja!/chrome/browser/content/browser/preferences/ "

This would be a normal file opened in FF, if it did not have the "jar:" start and the "!" in the middle. But it was not hard to discover that:

1. /usr/lib/firefox-esr/browser/ is a real path for some firefox system files

2. omni.ja is one of those files

3. omni.ja is a simple zip file with a different extension - and nothing else I could find, just that simple fact! I tested the file with zip programs, everything worked perfectly, all tests confirmed what I just said - ja is just a zip file.

4. /chrome/browser/content/browser/preferences/ is a path inside the "zip" file omni.ja

After discovering those things, I did:

1. created a copy of cookies.xul and cookies.js file outside the omni.ja file (just extract from the file or tell firefox to "save them as", FF will do what we expect!)

2. the .xul file is text - so I opened with my text editor, curiously

3. the .js is also text, but I did not care to look at it

4. opened the new xul file with Firefox, expecting it to open the cookie manager. This did not work! ):

Opened the file:


And Firefox says this about a xul file:

XUL remoto
> (remote XUL)

Esta página usa uma tecnologia não suportada que está, por padrão,
indisponível no Firefox.
> (This pages uses a tecnology not supported that is, by default,
> not available in Firefox.)

Por favor, contate os responsáveis pelo site para informá-los deste
> (Please contact the responsible for the site to inform them about
> this problem.)

I searched around a bit to find a way to successfully open a XUL file. No success, many garbage results unrelated to what I want to do. Ideas? Solution?

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