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Re: Firefox: where are my cookies settings? They are *not* where they should be!

On 05/08/2018 01:45 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 08-05-2018 14:28, Balaco ocalaB escreveu:
Em 08-05-2018 14:24, Caver1 escreveu:
On 05/08/2018 01:07 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 08-05-2018 14:03, GerardJan escreveu:
Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Where are my cookies settings? They are *not* where they should be!

Firefox help, in a horrible decision I did without having any other
option, is online. After trying to find the cookie manager, as I
always did, I searched for the actual help. I found:


But the privacy part in the preferences window does *not* have
anything about cookies! All it has is:

Privacy -> Use tracking protection checkbox
Privacy -> history options
Privacy -> address bar options

Nothing else!

Where is the cookie manager that comes with FF?

attached is the place for *seamonkey* should be also for /firefox/ !

That is not true. My privacy settings section does not have a cookies

Privacy Settings>History>Use custom settings for history

I want to keep my setting as "Remember everything". Then I cannot see
cookies? That would be a nonsense decision someone made for us. Well...
luckly I found


The question is kept, if you know, please answer: Then I cannot see cookies?

You asked where the cookie settings are as you couldn't see them.
I showed you where. Your choices are to remember everthing or to choose what not to keep.
What is your problem with that?

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