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Re: GerardJan Spam

On 07/05/2018 7.54 am, PietB wrote:
> EnDeeGee wrote:
>> WaltS48 wrote:
>>> Good Guy wrote:
>>>> Albert Sims wrote:
>>>>> Is there ANY WAY in Thunderbird to filter out all the spam posts from
>>>>> "GerardJan" in this newsgroup?
>>>> Yes but if you filter him out, there won't be anything to read here.
>>>> He is keeping this newsgroup active.
>>> Yes, 26 posts just today according to my filter log.
>> He must be off his meds again. :-(
> That character has been nuts for decades. Meds don't help.
> Killfiling does. But even killfiling is ineffective when
> some off-track feels the urge to quote his garbage.
> -p

You could try adding your weight to the fixing of this bug that I
reported six years ago.


If fixed that would let the "ignore subthread" filter work correctly and
thus ignore all the replies to blacklisted posts too. I wouldn't hold my
breath though - no-one seems interested in what I consider to be the
most major bug in Thunderbird.

Alternatively, it works fine in 40tude Dialog - to which I resort from
time to time when it all gets too annoying for me.

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