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Re: You use a personal result bubble

Em 04-05-2018 04:17, Stanimir Stamenkov escreveu:
Wed, 2 May 2018 12:19:47 -0300, _Balaco ocalaB_:
Em 02-05-2018 05:31, Stanimir Stamenkov escreveu:

MozillaZine is almost the first result in a (not limited to) Google
I've meant to say "almost always the first".

search for an <about:config> entry:


That company's results are biased and possibly different for every
user! You are in a personal result bubble. So I do not share your
result. I never use that search engine.

Trust Duckduckgo instead. [...]

Duckduckgo result is equally good, at least. The first result is the


Haven't meant to start a search engine argument, and I've really tried
DuckDuckGo in addition to Google before posting.  That's why I've
clarified "in a (not limited to) Google".  For the sake of completeness
I've now tried the search using both of Google and DuckDuckGo in a new
private window using Firefox – I'm getting the same results.

You chose to put only one search engine search. You could have put just the search. I decided to put a search address that shows a search engine that should get more and more popular, since it has so many very nice principles.

Before starting this thread, I only tried to find the information in
Mozilla's pages, and they do not exist there. I would never search for
"about:config", instead.

Not sure which Mozilla pages you're referring to.  No one suggested to
search for "about:config" – just the setting name.  Restricting the
results to mozilla.org I'm getting (first two):


I meant to say I navigated a bit in official Firefox pages. I could not find what I wanted.

That Mozilla wiki page is much more detailed than mozillazine!

In FF config: "referer". In a few other Mozilla parts: "referrer". That difference is annoying and should not exist! I consider that a problema - or a bug, and I am surprised if it was never reported.

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