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Re: OT DSL re-connection!!

Am 27.04.2018 um 15:48 schrieb Daniel:
rebro wrote on 26/04/18 22:24:
Am 26.04.2018 um 11:15 schrieb Daniel:
rebro wrote on 25/04/18 21:31:
Am 25.04.2018 um 11:37 schrieb Daniel:
T wrote on 24/04/18 20:54:
On 04/24/2018 03:22 AM, Daniel wrote:
T wrote on 23/04/18 21:44:
On 04/23/2018 02:45 AM, Daniel wrote:
T wrote on 23/04/18 08:35:
On 04/22/2018 03:49 AM, Daniel wrote:

Some people do have Netflix, and most/all out five T.V. networks have "catch-up" type services as well.

I don't do either!! There's more than enough on the 20-odd free-to-air T.V. channels to keep me busy ... and then there are my couple of hundred or so DVDs that would otherwise just gather dust!

Probably a good thing.  The Korean soaps are extremely addictive.

All Sounds like double-Dutch to me! ;-)

Hmm!! I wonder what Double-Dutch actually is??

Means nonsense

Thank you. Interesting! One of the other examples they give on that page is "dutch oven", but they don't have an explanation page for that expression.

Dutch oven(cf. <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_oven>)

Thanks for that!! Not the meaning I've had for "Dutch Oven"!! ;-P

Whatever connotations you may have had in mind, Merriam-Webster tell us that the original usage of 1769 (which the page you refer to aims at) was in the sense of "a metal shield for roasting before an open fire." (<https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/Dutch%20oven>)

In Australia, or, maybe, just in the circles I've moved in, a "Dutch-Oven" is when you are in bed with your partner and you break wind and then pull the blankets/covers up over your partners head!! ;-P Not nice!!

Does the rest of the world use this meaning as well??

Not to my knowledge. Sounds a bit as if it goes back to the first settlers and became obsolete in Old Europe.
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