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Re: OT DSL re-connection!!

On 4/27/2018 at 9:48 AM, Daniel created this epitome of digital genius:
In Australia, or, maybe, just in the circles I've moved in, a "Dutch-Oven" is when you are in bed with your partner and you break wind and then pull the blankets/covers up over your partners head!! ;-P Not nice!!

Does the rest of the world use this meaning as well??

ROFLOL. Uh, no, not in the USA. Here it's the covered pot normally used for braising a meat-based dish. I use one for making Osso Bucco, Belgian beef stew, Hungarian goulash, various stews, short ribs, chili, etc.

Probably the best-known brand is Le Creuset, made of enameled cast iron.


They last forever. Only problem is they are very heavy so my wife can't lift them.

Ed Mullen
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