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Re: Where is the access point

On 2018-04-26 00:52, Ray_Net wrote:
In France it is:

10 dix
20 vingt
30 trente
40 quarante
50 cinquante
60 soixante
70 soixante-dix
80 quatre-vingt
90 quatre-vingt-dix
100 cent

And I agree with you it's a horror ! :-)

When a guy from France say in the middle of a telephone number 79 (soixante-dix-neuf) I wrote on a paper 60109 ..GRRRR.... :-)

A bit of language history:

Blame Cardinal Richelieu and the Academie Francaise, which he established. He created modern government, for which he needed a standard language. He chose Parisian Court French, which was enforced (sometimes at the point of the sword) across France as the langauge of government, education, law, and commerce. It was, like other European languages at the time, changing rapidly from late medieval dialects to early modern dialects. Richelieu's standardisation of 17th Century French froze the language at an intermediate stage, and the French have suffered for it ever since.

Belgian and Swiss French are subtly different, in part because they are based on local dialects, and partly because neither the Swiss nor the Belgians have an Academie to prevent changes in the standard language.

Richelieu's reforms had some good effects. They transferred the performance of government action from the aristocracy to the bureaucracy. However much you may protest agianst red tape, it has the advantage of reducing the effects of vagaries of human nature (favouritism, nepotism, venality, etc) in the work of government. Not perfect, but better than the alternative.

BTW, the form "soixante-dix-neuf" is actually the the Roman numeral system: LX-X-IX.

Have a good day,

Wolf K
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