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Re: Where is the access point

Sailfish wrote on 24/04/18 04:00:
My bloviated meandering follows what Daniel graced us with on 4/23/2018 2:18 AM:
Sailfish wrote on 23/04/18 01:49:

I preface all my chronological-based (pictures, video, &c) files in YYYYMMDD+filename format. That way, it's easy to search through a sorted list :-)

Yeap, I had that pointed out to me previously!!

I had originally lazily and used YYMMDD+filename. Then Y2K came in I was was forced to rename what seemed like gazillions of photos. Yes, I thought about using my nifty en masse file renamer program but it turned out that many of my photos were also name differently (some with space or dash separation) so, instead of relying on the automated approach and ending up making more of a mess of it, I decided as my penance for being inconsistent, I'd do it manually. I was so upset with my past inconsistency I considered wearing a hair shirt for a month but then thought better of it.

One day, I'll have to adjust my pictures on a Family Tree website!

Currently, I might have, say, four photo's of a person, sort of baby, teen, adult, and older type of thing, but the picture title/explanation is separate to the picture, so you might be looking at the adult picture but the (single) description is for the baby photo.

Eventually, I want to import each photo into some program, add a suitable comment (e.g. "Fred Smith, aged 6 years old", or "Joe Blow, aged 65 years old"), save the revised and renamed photo image then upload the revised image to the website.

Doing this for 600-odd photo's could take me some time ... even if I knew which program would handle this on Win7 or Linux OS!!


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