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Re: PSA: CCleaner recently compromised

My bloviated meandering follows what Christian Riechers graced us with on 4/23/2018 1:03 PM:
On 04/23/2018 08:34 PM, Sailfish wrote:

[excerpt quote=\"
In September, security researchers at Cisco Talos and Morphisec made a
worst nightmare-type disclosure: the ubiquitous computer cleanup tool
CCleaner had been compromised by hackers for more than a month. The
software updates users were downloading from CCleaner owner Avast—a
security company itself—had been tainted with a malware backdoor. The
incident exposed millions of computers and reinforced the threat of
so-called digital supply chain attacks, situations where trusted, widely
distributed software is actually infected by malicious code.
\" /]

Come on, that was news half a year ago.

Apparently, not to Wired.com?

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