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Re: Where is the access point

On 04/22/2018 10:32 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
T wrote on 23-04-18 02:22:
On 04/22/2018 03:48 PM, Ray_Net wrote:
Twenty-two of april in two thousand and eighteen.

A tongue tie exercise?

Yes, in english, but in my mother language it is very easy:
Vingt-deux avril deux mille dix-huit...

Let's not forget quatre-vingt! No point in inventing a new word when you can just use old ones, right?

Our military does it

    22 APR 18

so there is no ambiguity.  Hasn't caught on with
the general public.  24 hour format either.  I prefer
24 hour myself, but ...

I like yyyymmdd.jpg for naming photos. I may not know what it's a picture of, but I know when I took it and it's easy to sort them in a useful way!

Cheers, Bev
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