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Re: Where is the access point

On 04/22/2018 12:43 AM, Lucifer Morningstar wrote:
On Sat, 21 Apr 2018 21:04:30 -0700, T
<ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:

On 04/21/2018 06:43 PM, Lucifer Morningstar wrote:
On Sat, 21 Apr 2018 02:19:30 -0700, T
<ToddMargoChester@invalid.invalid> wrote:

On 21/04/2018 01:07 AM, Lucifer Morningstar wrote:
Follow the cable or the wireless signal.

It is not hooked up to the building Ethernet wiring,
so no wires to follow.

How does it access the building Ethernet wiring?

It doesn't

What does the access point give access to?

At the moment, nothing.  If I ever find it, I will
remove it.  It is their old DSL modem.  They are now on
Fiber Optic.

How do you follow the wireless signal?

You can get an app for your smartphone which will show
signal strength.

Don't have a smart phone.

Is it wi-fi?


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