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Re: Strange happening to my posts to this newsgroup

On 04/20/2018 09:57 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
{ *MASSIVE* snip}
If they are frequent and do not stop, you may train your mail services to consider them spam. By "mail services" I meant: programs you use, similar to Thunderbird; webmail services; or mail providers - whatever applies.

An alternative to spam engines is to create a message filter for the unwanted messages. Sometimes there are a good and easy option.

There may be a frequently missed/ignored/??? question:
    When is *FREE* too costly?

I generally avoid "free" email servers and USENET access services.
They *COST* too much aggravation and lost time.

>2 decades ago my email provider was a *small* retail hardware outlet.
They evolved into a company providing services to small/medium sized businesses in a geographically localized area.
They were once a specialized ISP
   was one of their *LAST* 4 dial-up clients.

My www access is now thru a behemoth!

My former ISP is now my email provider.
In that realm they are a Barracuda client.
  In my "universe of discourse" I see *NO* spam.
For general USENET access I use supernews.com.
  Once again I have *few* of the problems others report.

   Does "free" *COST* too *MUCH*?

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