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Re: Strange happening to my posts to this newsgroup

Em 20-04-2018 11:27, Jeff Barnett escreveu:
(...) I have Malwarebytes and it does a full machine
scan (2+ hours) once a week. I'll poke around some more and see what I
can find.

There cannot be anything in your machine to justify bad emails you receive. In my opinion, you are wasting your time, you machine and possibly other things with things like Malwarebytes. The chance of that is very very very very very very very very low. Just accept that if you publish your email in newsgroups, you will eventually receive bad messages, which you may even call spam.

If you use a good operating system, good programs, and care what you do in your machine, you will never put any malware in it.

If the messages are not frequent, as I bet, you may simply ignore them.

If they are frequent and do not stop, you may train your mail services to consider them spam. By "mail services" I meant: programs you use, similar to Thunderbird; webmail services; or mail providers - whatever applies.

An alternative to spam engines is to create a message filter for the unwanted messages. Sometimes there are a good and easy option.

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