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Re: Strange happening to my posts to this newsgroup

Wolf K wrote on 4/20/2018 7:06 AM:
On 2018-04-20 00:35, Jeff Barnett wrote:
I have received emails from two individuals in the avasflowers.com

I suppose you are on Ava's Flowers email list as a customer?

domain with subject "Re: Re: OT: Is SSD worth the price? #M10397542" asking me to not send such messages to them. These messages referenced are a couple of my posts to the thread questioning "Is SSD worth the price?" in this newsgroup. It's probable that an employee has signed then up for newsgroups at news.mozilla.org. I have no idea how to  > untangle this issue or whether they are receiving others' posts as well
as mine. Any suggestions?

I advise a thorough malware scan. The most likely cause is that your machine has been infected with a bot that is randomly sending stuff to your email list.

The fact that there are multiple "Re" suggests that one or more machines down the line are (also) infected. One machine in an email network is enough to cause this kind of nonsense. It's happened to my circle of friends'n'relations more than once.

See Daniel's post: Are you participating in this newsgroup via Usenet or via email? If via email, then the email-hijacking bot is IMO the most likely scenario.

In any case, I don't think there is a simple diagnosis or cure. Ava's Flowers should do a thorough malware scan of their systems, too.

Good luck,

Thanks for the reply. I have Malwarebytes and it does a full machine scan (2+ hours) once a week. I'll poke around some more and see what I can find.
Jeff Barnett

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