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Re: Strange happening to my posts to this newsgroup

Jeff Barnett wrote on 20/04/18 14:35:
I have received emails from two individuals in the avasflowers.com domain with subject "Re: Re: OT: Is SSD worth the price? #M10397542" asking me to not send such messages to them. These messages referenced are a couple of my posts to the thread questioning "Is SSD worth the price?" in this newsgroup. It's probable that an employee has signed then up for newsgroups at news.mozilla.org. I have no idea how to untangle this issue or whether they are receiving others' posts as well as mine. Any suggestions?

Jeff, I seem to recall that people could elect to receive the posts to groups on the news.mozilla.org server by e-mail or some such.

And, somewhere in that post, there are instructions on how to stop receiving those e-mails ... possibly by responding to the server with "Unsubscribe" in Subject:.

Additionally, if someone were to click on "Forward" rather than "Reply", the reply would go to the sender rather than to the newsgroup. Or something like that!!

If you give your "friends" this information, it might help!!

Sorry, only just noted that your problem is not with this server .... but, maybe, the solution is similar!


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