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Re: OT: Is SSD worth the price?

On 2018-04-19 05:00, T wrote:
And on the medical side, HIPAA compliance will fine the
crap out of you for catching ransomware, which is
a Windows thing and there are ZERO HIPAA packages
that I know out there for Linux.  Windows
again is the WORST choice.

This and the POS software examples I think show why Linux will remain a niche OS in the small business, professional, and enterprise markets. There's just not enough money invested in developing Linux applications for those markets. Devs have to eat, most have families with all that that implies, etc. Windows and OS-X have the advantage of large small user bases that are willing to pay for improvements and enhancements to existing software, but see no reason for switching to alternatives just to run on a more secure OS. Not that Linux could not compete on its merits, but merits aren't enough.

Linux competes well in network markets, in large part I think because historically it was deployed there first. I recall a comment on a Linux forum some years ago that dissed the attempts to make Linux single-user friendly. Linux, it claimed, was not a desktop OS and was never intended to be. But that's another topic.

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