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Re: OT: Is SSD worth the price?

On Tue Apr 17 2018 22:38:27 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), Good Guy
<hello.world@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 17/04/2018 05:01, Jeff Barnett wrote:
>> Welcome back to the 20th century. Some people actually use their 
>> computer - wait for it - to compute things. It's rather amazing how 
>> much faster computers are with proper hardware. 
> Whatever it means by "Proper Hardware", let me tell you old boy.

<snip> You're an asshole. AND you're wrong.

> Hardware has become much faster but life on a computer hasn't changed
> at all. The reason for this is software makers are introducing more
> and more features to make any minute speed increase by your "Proper
> Hardware" become useless.
Not useless, but yes, they are taking advantage of more power to do
things that they couldn't otherwise do.

Yes, there are issues with sloppy/lazy programming, but that is a
separate problem, and not a new one either.

> Adobe products are the slowest on any hardware and spending a fortune on 
> that toy called SSD is not going to improve anything what-so-ever.

Being more adamant doesn't make you right when you're wrong, and...
boy... you're wrong.

> 5 seconds is all you'll gain but you'll spend 22 seconds to access
> your Apps on any other drive you might have installed.
You toss these numbers around like you know something, but you're just
an ignorant ass.

Case in point... our ole Dell 9010 AIO workstations went from cold boot
times of about 150 seconds, all the way down to 12 seconds. You do the
math, but I'll give you a hint: it is much more than '5 seconds'.

> You can't install Apps on SSD because the size is not likely to be
> enough.
Depends on the applications. We upgraded these to 256GB drives, and they
have a lot of applications installed, no problems.

If you are using software that requires a lot of storage, that is very
different than most people's requirements.

> I tossed it up because I could,'t update my Adobe CC and Microsoft
> Visual Studio regularly.
Most people don't use those applications. If you do, then you should be
able to afford a 512GB or 1+TB SSD.

>> Those confined to lobbing bombs in newsgroups can do without.
> WTF are you talking about here. You need your brain to be scanned
> for any viruses. Old age can create dementia. Is this you I am
> describing?

His joke (at your expense) was hardly cloaked...

> In summary, don't waste money on small SSD.

It isn't a waste if its all you need.

> If you can afford 1TB and more than perhaps but not other wise.

If you NEED a 1+TB. Again, the average person doesn't.

> To me I go for value for money. Saving 5 seconds is simply not worth
> it. even saving 30 seconds is not worth it.
I guess the same goes for 138 seconds?

You're an odd duck, but still an asshole.

> I haven't seen any tests on youtube that shows much 
> improvement than 30 seconds.

Oh, well, if it isn't on youtube, then it didn't happen...


> SSD prices will come down but not for another two years.

And now you're clairvoyant too?
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