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Re: OT - can anyone help me 'decode' this?

On 18-Apr-18 1:39 PM, Rav wrote:
On 4/18/2018 3:10 AM, David B. wrote:
On 17-Apr-18 10:58 PM, Rav wrote:
On 4/17/2018 3:44 PM, David B. wrote:
67654A30676F76336A654A31666E2B3066374A32676F463365374A6B676F775067654A31 676542336665543267656E6967596E31676F466B65374A6B6765475366375432666E2F50 6859546D67656E6966596E31676F586D67374A31676F423065374A6B6770466A66375431
< rest snipped>

It COULD be base 64, but it could be other things too.  For example, each two digits could represent the hex representation of an ASCII digit, which would give:

etc. etc.

which is gibberish.  Decoding properly depends on how it was encoded. Do you know how it was encoded?

Sadly, no. :-(

Where is it from?

Thanks for taking an interest! :-)

It was posted by a fellow called 'FromTheRafters' in a Usenet newsgroup - I think just possibly to 'tease' me! I'd prefer not to disclose which group as it is VERY quiet at present.
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