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Re: OT: Is SSD worth the price?

T wrote:
On 04/16/2018 05:20 PM, Luis wrote:
Absolutely yes! I purchased a Samsung Evo 950 500GB SSD and now my i7 computer fly. I'm surprised how fast is FF now. Installation and cloning is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and overall performance is amazing. I guess any SSD will fit the bill so I will revamp my laptop as well although will search for a cheaper 1 TB cause my old Toshiba has 1 drive only.

Yes, but ...

The only ones I have found that are reliable are Samsung.
I have taken it in the shorts having to replace crappy Intel
SSD's on my own dime.  Pay the extra money.

The problem is price due to my limited budget. For my laptop I need 1TB disk partitioned for Windows system and data (50/50).

Here is a good bench mark for you.  This computer takes
SEVEN seconds to boot of my NVMe drive and over two minutes
to boot of an identical clone on to a mechanical drive.

This same motherboard takes about 20 seconds to boot
(real boot, not fast boot) THAT operating system that
can't count (W10) whose name I shall not mention.
This is extraordinary as THAT OS is a crappy, bug
riddled dog.
I have tweaked hundreds of computers in my life and I'm convinced that much more important is perception or sense if you prefer than bench-marking. In fact it is not realistic to compare two different machines based on bench-marking results. Let alone that tweaking to a maximum of the hardware capabilities ends in instability.

Fedora 27 on an NMVe drive is a total charm to operate.
I agree with you M$ is crap but they lead the industry along with Intel and the others I also prefer not to mention. However, I have tried Linux many times and still I'm not convinced. Maybe some day in the future... who knows... By the way, I have never tried Fedora... hmmmm... Is it the same gal with different... you know?

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