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Re: Firefox stalled, half-filled information. How to restore?

Em 15-04-2018 20:48, benjaminchua69@xxxxxxxxx escreveu:
My FF stalled while filling in some information on a site. This is a lot of text. The spinning pinwheel has been up for over a week. Any way to start up the browser again without losing the text?

Maybe. Possibly not. Which OS are you using?

Do you know if the information you filled was submitted by Firefox to its site? A POST or GET request may help you a lot. But if they were purely done with javascript, you may have no way of getting it again.

Can you open other FF tabs or windows? Or is FF completely silent and quiet about what you do with it?

If you can use FF for anything, although that tab is "locked", you can try to play with developer tools to find the information you want. I have done that successfully with Twitter mobile pages (the information there is a GET request that Twitter erases and does not show us anymore, and I wanted to change just a detail in it - and "back button" in FF makes it erase what we wrote in the form before we submit). I may detail it more for you, if this may help you.

If you data is clean somewhere in you computer memory, you may use a scanner for it. Admin powers in your OS (if linux or win) will probably be needed to do that. And you may not find it, if you do not search it the right way. Which way you should search, you may ask. I have no clue for that. Depends on several things.

Is the form page public? May you show its address to us?

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