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Re: Thoughts on Brave Browser?

Desiree wrote:
> ...
> The thing I like most about Basilisk is that, since it is forked off Fx 
> 55, it can use all traditional extensions from AMO that work on Fx 55 
> AND can use many web extensions also.   So, all my tab related 
> extensions from Piro work and so do some old XUL extensions and some new 
> web extensions.  The extensions that Pale Moon has developed work on it 
> also.  Plus, CTR works fine!!!

Sounds all great. But as yet it's useless for zillions of people:
those who aren't native English speakers, which is a pity. Given
that it's the PM team that created Basilisk, I'm surprised they
haven't taken care of localization right from the start.

BTW, I strongly prefer PM's in-browser selectable localization
over the static FF way. The difference is clearly noticeable in
the moz.* ng's: non-native English speakers often have difficulty
refering to e.g. menu items, because they have to translate them
back to what they presume them to be in English. Or USish. ;-)


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