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Re: .json databases

On 04/10/2018 03:49 AM, Joe Makowiec wrote:
On 09 Apr 2018 in mozilla.general, The Real Bev wrote:

What SIMPLE facility can be used to look at them.  I used to use
dBaseII and REALLY don't want to have to learn to use a DB system, I
just want to look at the files that google gives us about our
on-line activities.

I Seem To Recall that json files are plain text, which means that you
should be able to open them in your favorite text editor. I just looked
at Notepad++, which can highlight a number of languages. json is one of


Looking at the files as text is painful. I tried to suck one of the larger ones into a librecalc spreadsheet (the preview looked OK) and gave up after 5 minutes or so. That would have been useful, but the overhead was excessive :-(

Cheers, Bev
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