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Re: Where's the Fire?

On Tue Mar 27 2018 09:50:08 GMT-0400 (Eastern Standard Time), HoneyBun
<sweet@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Waterfox put it out! :)
> Works fine for me, a 64-bit fork from Firefox
> Allows most old extensions and Java (!)
> Imports almost everything from Firefox
> Needs work to restore some plugins (promised)
> I like it, fast & functional, my new default browser
> Thanks Mozilla!
> When do we get a Waterfox newsgroup here?

Reposting from the TB-Planning list...

I'd really like to see the two major Firefox alternatives (Waterfox,
Pale Moon, Cyberfox, etc) give some serious thought to pooling their
resources and doing something Philipp Kewisch brought up about a year
ago with respect to adding additional WebExtension APIs outside of
Mozilla proper.

He said it could be done relatively easily, and it sounded like it would
be maintainable long term. It was with respect to Thunderbird
development, but there is no reason the same thing couldn't be done for
the Firefox alternatives as well. It would allow them to get back to
tracking Mozilla core code for the hard part, but allow Extension devs
the ability to port things like CTR and others to WebExtensions.

If successful, it could also put pressure on Mozilla to pick up at least
some of these additional APIs.

Anyway, here is exactly what he said (maybe someone could poke the
Waterfox/PaleMoon dev communities about this):

On 3/19/2017, 12:46:47 PM, Philipp Kewisch <mozilla@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> From what I have seen it is fairly easy to extend the WebExtensions
>> API without making any changes to m-c, so we may be lucky. It is just
>> a matter of a category manager entry to load the right scripts.
>> We should even be able to provide the "WebExtension Experiments" so
>> add-on authors can test new API and propose it to be added to
>> Thunderbird. Obviously we should be making sure that the APIs added
>> are not too broad.
>> Keep your fingers crossed
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