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Re: Oh shit

On 3/25/2018 1:36 PM, Richard Owlett wrote:
On 03/25/2018 01:57 AM, Martin Edwards wrote:
On 3/25/2018 7:35 AM, Martin Edwards wrote:
On 3/24/2018 9:30 PM, Good Guy wrote:
On 24/03/2018 10:21, Martin Edwards wrote:
My provider has closed its news server.  I'd be grateful for any
suggestions, apart from jump in the canal, obviously.

Perhaps it is time to get used to Forums.  Mozilla have very good
and Microsoft also have many good forums.  Newsgroups are good for
trolling but there is a limit how much time you can spend doing that!!

Is there anything particular you wanted to ask or that you normally
ask?  Windows, Linux, or Mozilla?  They are all running forums these
days and Newsgroups are closing down almost daily because demand for
them has declined.

Followup-To: Mozilla.General

This is very much a OT as far as I can see.

Thanks to all who replied.

I'm not sure why this came to this group, I originally posted to the
Thnderbird group.

"Good Guy" has strong too narrow views as to what is "ON TOPIC" for
groups he reads. HE set "Followup-To: Mozilla.General".

You however, as a Thunderbird user, had potential/current problems using
Thunderbird to access desired content asked a reasonable question on a
logically chosen list.

I, a SeaMonkey user, sees value in this thread's content being on this
list as it affects both Thunderbird *and* SeaMonkey users.

If by "Forums" he means those ~$@%%% web pages where discussions can not
be conveniently followed nor provide means to tag valuable posts for
later reading, they are useless.

Thanks for that.

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