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Re: cant save Web Page HTML only anymores

Em 16-03-2018 20:33, Good Guy escreveu:
On 09/03/2018 12:22, conrrrod@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I have 58.0.2 for linux
when I save a webpage and select HTML only, it still saves as Web page
with the extra directory. I do not want this!!!!
Also happened with the previous version, I forgot which (it came with
openSuseleap 15)

Perhaps it is the way you are trying to save.  Have you tried by going to:

File >> Save as ....

Now you have many options to save the page.

How exactly are you doing this?  Please post the step we should follow
to replicate your problems.  We don't have the problems you are
describing but it could be that you don't know how to save the page.
Majority of us are on Windows System so you need to know this.

Just completing Good Guy message.

I am on linux, Firefox 52.2.0 ESR. And I have the option to save the page: menu "File" > "Save page as (CTRL+s)". There is no menu option which name is simply "Save". In the window that opens when I click that menu option, I have these options to file type: "Web page, complete", "Web page, just HTML", "Text files", "All files".

The last two options puzzle me a bit. "Text files" shouldn't be plural, IMO. And what will be saved when we choose "All files"? But that is another discussion... the option the original poster complains about is there.

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