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Re: New external drive

On 16/03/18 09:08, PietB wrote:
Joskin wrote:
I bought a 2TB WD Elements external USB3 in June 2014. With the
exception of a few power cuts, it's been switched on 24/7/365.

Extremely bad idea: malware affecting your files will at the same
time affect your backup files.
Connect it / power it up when you're about to make a backup, right
thereafter disconnect it / power it down.
Even then there's of course some risk, but it's a lot smaller than
when leaving the drive on & connected permanently.


This is very true - but:

I have almost completely transitioned away from the malware magnet (Win10) and only keep it because of a couple of MS Access databases which I maintain for an animal pedigree club. It has been disconnected from the internet for some while and is only briefly connected to the WD backup drive once a day for backup purposes.

The rest of the time the backup drive is connected to the Mint box which is fairly safe (hopefully) from malware. I figure that leaving it powered on all the time probably reduces 'wear & tear' from frequent power cycling (it does spin down under its own agenda).
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