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Re: New external drive

On 15/03/18 11:11, Dave Royal wrote:
Joskin <nospam@thisaddress.please> Wrote in message:
... it's been switched on 24/7/365. It
receives two system backups per day plus a small amount of other stuff.
It's accessed by Windows 10 and Linux Mint 18.3

Do you do anything to mitigate the risk of ransomeware on Win10
  encrypting your backups?

The raison d'être for the Win10 box is that I maintain a couple of MS Access databases for 'others'. (I haven't yet found an easy migration path to an alternative db that will give the same functionality.) Win10 is no longer connected to the internet, but your query made me realise that I haven't yet removed Cybereason RansomFree :) Additionally, the WD Elements backup disk is nearly always connected to the Mint machine which I think/hope is fairly safe in that respect.
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