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Re: OT: New external drive

On 2018-03-15 16:18, NFN Smith wrote:
Beyond that, the value of SSD for software installation is less compelling. And it looks like the OP is trying to run servers and do code development on his installation.  SSD doesn't really help for that, either.


You give me too much credit. :-) I just want reliable backup for system and working files, plus archival storage. The latter would not run 24/7, but the backup drive(s) would.

EG, I have about 500GB of family data.

One of the backup drives I've been using failed. The data was duplicated, so nothing was lost. Still, it's a nice looking piece of hardware, and fixing it would be educational, so I tried recovery with several different tools. Every scan etc ended prematurely with "unrecoverable read error" or similar. I even tried reformatting, same result.

Thanks for all your replies, lost of useful and interesting information.

Now I have more options to think through.... :-)

Wolf K
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