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Re: OT: New external drive

Good Guy wrote:
On 15/03/2018 12:57, Luis wrote:

Switch to SSD (Intel has lowest prices). Not necessarily 1TB. That's the best option for the C: system drive. Use the others for data.

I have found that anything less than 1TB for a C drive is completely waste of time and money.  I bought a brand new machine that came with 256GB SSD and 2TB normal HD and after installing VS2010, 2013, 2015, 2017, MS Office 365, SQL Servers 2012 and 2016/7 the drive was full and unusable!!.  I chose to install the main packages on D drive (the 2TB Normal drive!!) but still Windows needs C drive to copy some files and all I could do was to reformat everything and start again.  Now the SSD drive is just for documents which I don't have many as I use Microsoft Azure Cloud Based storage.

I don't see any benefits of a SSD drive;  In fact they are relatively expensive than normal SATA drives which are still as fast as anything because of the current technologies we use.  Perhaps in future when prices becomes competitive and SSDs become common than it is a different matter for now don't waste your money on that crap unless somebody gives you a free drive for them to market their product.

There are many ways to optimize a system, even running some applications from other drive than C:. But whatever, that's your particular case. I use a 500GB SSD as system drive and I'm very happy with it. Of course I know how to optimize my own requirements that probably are no so sophisticated as yours... Or who knows...
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