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Re: Safe To Stay With 56.0.2 ?

WaltS48 <schw01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Wrote in message:
> On 3/8/18 5:25 PM, Ken Blake wrote:
>> On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 22:27:30 +0100, Poutnik <
>>> The third option is to consider FF forks
>>> that stay with the old extension system,
>>> like e.g. Pale Moon.
>>   I recommend against that. You might want to read
>> https://www.howtogeek.com/335712/update-why-you-shouldnt-use-waterfox-pale-moon-or-basilisk/
>> or  https://goo.gl/3UXT5p
> Interesting article and the same rationale applies to SeaMonkey IMHO.
>> Even if you don’t completely trust some of Mozilla’s business 
>> decisions, your browser is just too important to be left to a small 
>> community of enthusiasts. We think it’s best to go with a big project 
>> with a large number of developers that receives a lot of attention to 
>> security.
> But then as we have seen in this group, users are more concerned about 
> extensions than security.
> Cross posted and follow up set to m.general. (If this post shows up)

I have listed the PM as an option, not as the best option.
 Personally, I used to run PM for several years, but currently
 having the FF ESR on both business and personal machines.

The ESR will keep the old extension support just until July, so it
 is a temporary solution.

I do not like the developing model of bundling security patches
 with new features. The ESR does the same, just not continually,
 but in jumps.
The parallel support of the old and new version ESR is just about
 2 months, for regular FF there is none.

If MS Office was like this, I would not use it.

The whole SW business, not limited to vulnerabilities, is the
 endless struggle and trade off between security and
 functionality. What has full hands of one has often a severe lack
 of the other.

I think Mozilla with the underpowered webextension API
 underestimated how much essential is  some extension
 functionality for lot of users. They  give them different user
 experience, compared to the bare FF and may lead some of them to
 other browsers, if they offer comparable functionality. Many of
 users think some ext. functionality should be the bare FF

Libor Striz

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