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Re: Safe To Stay With 56.0.2 ?

On 3/8/18 5:25 PM, Ken Blake wrote:
On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 22:27:30 +0100, Poutnik <poutnik@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dne 08/03/2018 v 21:24 WaltS48 napsal(a):
On 3/8/18 3:11 PM, Michael wrote:
on my computer I have version 56.0.2 of Firefox to keep some old
extensions going.

Would it be advisable to uninstal and install ESR release or are other
users sticking with 56.0.2 if not upgrading to current version ?



Yes it's safe to stay with 56.0.2, if your extensions are more important
than the security fixes that are in the newer versions and the ESR
version. The old extensions should work in ESR 52.6.0.

What do you do when ESR becomes version 60?

The third option is to consider FF forks
that stay with the old extension system,
like e.g. Pale Moon.

  I recommend against that. You might want to read

or  https://goo.gl/3UXT5p

Interesting article and the same rationale applies to SeaMonkey IMHO.

Even if you don’t completely trust some of Mozilla’s business decisions, your browser is just too important to be left to a small community of enthusiasts. We think it’s best to go with a big project with a large number of developers that receives a lot of attention to security.

But then as we have seen in this group, users are more concerned about extensions than security.

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