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Re: Thunderbird: Why is there an eye for this message in my message list?

On 03/04/2018 05:28 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Exactly! That is it! I found that option in the right mouse button menu, both for newsgroup and mail messages. I removed the eye (or the option, if you prefer to say like that) in those two messages. What TB does with that data?

I don't know that Thunderbird does (as in processes) anything with that data.

I mark threads that I'm interested in as watched. That way I can quickly skim newsgroups and if there is a not-new thread (collapsed) with unread messages and it's watched, I know that I'm interested in it. If the not-new thread (collapsed) doesn't have a watch / eye, then I know that I'm not interested in the thread and can ignore it.

I also have rules in place that mark any threads with messages from me as watched. - I figure that if I'm interested enough to reply to a thread, then I'd probably like to see other replies to it too.

A new question: but how can an email arrive with that thing? It is something that we can send to other people? How? (I found no such option in this composing TB window) What effect will that option usually have in who receives messages with it?

No, I believe the watched (or not) setting is purely client side. - If you repair a folder, all watched indicators disappear.

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