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Re: Yucking recaptcha stopped working

Em 26-02-2018 16:43, Balaco ocalaB escreveu:

Are you also having trouble with pages that contain recaptcha, since
some days ago?

The yahoo pages, for example, where the URL mentions "recaptcha"
somewhere. And then I conclude that it should include a recaptcha test
in them, but they simply appear mostly empty in my Firefox! I hate
recaptcha, the company behind it, and the bad habit of thinking it is a
good human test, and the others are worse...

Surprise. No, the problem is not with recaptcha. In another website, it worked as before. So the problem should be either with my FF or with yahoo ...

Wonder what happens to you, in your versions (which??) of Firefox. One setting change that makes the empty page appear to me is: "account info" - "account security" - there is a toogle setting that "allow apps with less security access methods" (or something similar to that)

When you click that toogle thing it will change to another page, which appears mostly blank to me.

I miss very much the old checkboxes that always worked - and still do!

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