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Thunderbird: where are my folders and my messages?

A couple of hours ago, I wrote and sent a message with an Yahoo account I have. During this process, the message could not be copied to draft, as it usually does. After sending it, it also could not be copied to sent folder.

I used another account to copy the message as a draft, so I did not lose it and could (in a future time) copy it to the account which sent it (or send it again, which I will probably do).

After that, the Yahoo account started to give an error just to show/check the contents of the folders I have: "Client bug | the command XXXX cannot be used in this state", for all the folders I tried. I closed and reopened TB, hoping it would fix the problem (probably by reading again all message headers for each shown folder, as I have seen before), but TB acts like no folder exist in this account! Totally nonsense! It just finds (saying it created, after looking for folders in the start) the inbox folder, and finding no other one, not even the automatic/imposed by the yahoo service. I logged into my account using the webmail interface, and everything is there as it should!! Restarted TB again, and it still does not see anything.

What else can I do to make it correctly see my account again? All other accounts are normal (including another yahoo acconut!).

I need an older version of TB... this fairly new one crashes so many times with random unknown problems, it really yucks!

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