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Re: Firefox is becoming a bloated piece of ram eating software

Em 12-02-2018 03:07, Lucifer Morningstar escreveu:
On Sat, 10 Feb 2018 15:13:33 -0600, Ron Hunter <rphunter@xxxxxxxxxxx>

On 10/02/2018 1:32 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
Em 10-02-2018 17:19, The Real Bev escreveu:
On 10/02/2018 01:33 AM, Lucifer Morningstar wrote:
<tanstaafl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 9/2/2018, 12:44:57 AM, Lucifer Morningstar <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Tanstaafl >>> <tanstaafl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 8/2/2018, 2:00:53 AM, Lucifer Morningstar <not@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Pity you can't do anything useful with the latest version.

You mean like browse the web?

Browse without it freezing and without it complaining that a script
has stopped working.

My bitch is the number of videos that no longer play, requiring me to
use Chrome -- which I find distasteful.

I do not know anything that will work only in that bad browser, except
the Flash plugin based things (which are certainly not the case because
these can be played in FF if the plugin is installed). Can you give me
an example of a video that does not work in FF?


plays in FF 56.

What I have to do to play the video? Should it play in the right lower small window? Clicking there should start it? Clicking does not help. Neither double clicking. Neither right clicking (which only opens the menu for generic page parts, not the menu for images or the menu for links, or anything I could use to ask something specific for that part of the page). This is Firefox ESR 52.2.0.

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