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Classic Add-ons Archive 1.1.0 (was "Re: Goodbye FireFox")

Em 12-02-2018 10:28, FredW escreveu:

I have downloaded all my (not so many) add-ons as *.xpi files,
so in future I can apply these add-ons even if they are no longer
available somewhere.

And I have now downloaded and installed
- Classic Add-ons Archive 1.1.0

This catalog contains 75,687 versions of 16,706 Firefox add-ons created
by 12,538 developers over the past 14 years using XUL/XPCOM technology
before Mozilla decided to ruin the classic extensions ecosystem and go
exclusively to WebExtensions.

I already found an old add-on that replaced a no longer functioning new

Thank you very very very very very very much for sharing this discovery here!! (I did not copy the repeated words, I decided to write each one to you, so I hope you read them all, and feel how much I am thankful to you)


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