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Re: Goodbye FireFox

Michael Gordon wrote on 12-02-18 01:06:
On 2/11/2018 3:47 PM, Endegee wrote:
On 11-Feb-2018 18:37, Ray_Net wrote:
PietB wrote on 11-02-18 10:48:

Cute. You must be doing something wrong then. Or "as far I know" is
a bit off-reality. My PaleMoon plays Youtube videos without a hitch,
upto 1080p. And yes, it is able to do other things as well. Actually
very well indeed.

If you go to https://tv.youtube.com/watch/-DTcV92Kuvs
 the page tells you you must use Chrome to view the YouTube video selections.  This is the YouTube TV section.

Can you play those with your PaleMoon ?

You need to create an account to access that Youtube TV  crap. No thank you.

The choice is yours to select or not!
I prefer to be not obliged to create an account just for testing your problem. Because YoutubeTV did not tell us that we cannot see his vidéo BEFORE asking an account.
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