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Re: Goodbye FireFox

Luis wrote:
> I took the same decision as soon as Mozilla started flirting Google. 
> Then I switched my default browser to Opera and at this time Firefox
> is my third browser.  But why did you decide to use Palemoon? IMHO
> there are other better browsers like Yandex, Brave, Vivaldi, Basilisk
> and of course Epic and Tor for privacy.

Sure. There are a zillion browsers around. But if you've got one
you like, that does what it should do, and that has no devs behind
it who change it every other day, then why bother about the others?
PaleMoon has become my default browser, and I'm happy with it. With
a very occasional exception where PM fails. For that I keep FF ESR
as a (slow...) backup.

> As far as I know at this moment Palemoon is unable to render Youtube
> videos among other things.

Cute. You must be doing something wrong then. Or "as far I know" is
a bit off-reality. My PaleMoon plays Youtube videos without a hitch,
upto 1080p. And yes, it is able to do other things as well. Actually
very well indeed.


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