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Re: Goodbye FireFox

On 2/10/2018 10:13 AM, Michael Gordon wrote:
Dear developers, managers, and programmers of Firefox Browser,

I have been a loyal user of the product all the way back to Netscape
Navigator 2.0.  I have followed the various revisions of the once super
suite of applications into the split apart applications.  I have
expressed my displeasure on the path to improvements you and your
predecessors have taken in the name of security improvements.  Over the
decades your improvements may have increased security, but at the cost
of productivity.
I have found a web browser that is faster and lighter than Firefox, and
that allows me to use the productivity tools I have been using over the
past 10 years.  That, folks, is productivity on a daily basis.

I wish much success for all who have worked on the FireFox project, let
it be known that the days of Firefox may be numbered as active users

Michael Gordon
  From the days of Netscape Navigator 2.0.
Now a new user of PaleMoon.

Why not Basilisk? It is far superior to Pale Moon and Pale Moon is being ported over to Basilisk. I'm a little concerned though that Moonchild has stated recently that future Baslisk versions will no longer be forked off Fx 55 as it is currently but off Fx 52. ESR. That may endanger my Fx WE extensions that work on Basilisk along with the traditional XUL extensions.

IMO, the real problem is that so many extension devs have abandoned and torpedoed their XUL extensions so that all versions won't work now on Pale Moon or Basilisk. You have to use WE extensions that may or may not be decent substitutes. For instance, I can't find an extension now that works at all sites to stop auto play of HTML5 video. I had an excellent XUL one that I had on Pale Moon, Fx, SeaMonkey and Basilisk. It's gone now and I can't stand auto play. I also had XUL extensions to kill auto play of Flash on sites and those are mostly gone now too. Of course, if I find WE substitutes they will work only on Basilisk.

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