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Re: Goodbye FireFox

FredW wrote:
On Sat, 10 Feb 2018 17:24:46 -0500, Luis <nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

course Epic and Tor for privacy. As far as I know at this moment
Palemoon is unable to render Youtube videos among other things.

Tonight (my time) I was looking at and downloading videos from YouTube
(palemoon 27.7.2).

It looks like you do not know very well.

Fred I don't use Palemoon. A friend of mine asked me to check his machine cause he had problems with Youtube. I did and found that PM doesn't run okay H.264 and VP9 if I recall well. There is a test page in the YouTube site but don't remember the URL at this moment. I don't know if PM was fixed or not.
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