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Re: Tab Mix Plus WebExtension Development Build is out

Caver1 wrote:


If you cross post to both groups and it is refused in the moderated group that doesn't stop it from
getting posted to the non-moderated group.

Well, it would seem, in this case, refusing a cross-posted message in one group *does* somehow stop it getting to the cross-posted group/s. You are not the first to notice this happening ... and I'm guessing you will not be the last!

so the question by both of us.
If the cross post was refused because the subject doesn't belong then why did the non cross posted
message on the same subject get posted on the moderated group.

I'm guess, again, that who ever moderated the moderated group thought the non-cross-posted message was "In Topic"!!

I almost never cross post but I do see cross posted subjects by others quite frequently. Also "because you are polluting the m.gen news group with stuff that doesn't belong here!! "  You have yet to tell why / You / think this doesn't belong m.general. Maybe your
opinion counts more?

Maybe you are yet to read my post where I stated that, after further thought, a post about TMP may have been "On Topic" in m.gen ... if there were no other specific group for it!


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