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Re: Tab Mix Plus WebExtension Development Build is out

Caver1 wrote:
On 02/07/2018 02:08 AM, Daniel wrote:
Caver1 wrote:
On 02/06/2018 03:20 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 2/6/18 2:54 PM, Caver1 wrote:
"The release is an early development build and users of Tab Mix Plus
should not get their hopes up just yet as it lacks pretty much all the
functionality of the legacy add-on.
Still, the release of the WebExtensions-based version of Tab Mix Plus
is a sign of life."

It is listed as experimental.
You should read the whole ghacks article before deciding.

I sent a post on 02/04 about that to this group, cross posted to
m.s.firefox, with followup set to m.general and it never appeared.

I have tried cross posting a couple of times between m.general and
m.s.firefox and they never showed up. Not sure why.

What would I know!! And why should I care, ... but if I had to guess, as
you are not posting about a problem with FF but about something that
might be added to FF (and SM, I think!!), why would you want to post it
to m.s.ff?? It belongs in m.gen (IMHO, of course!!).

And, as you cross-posted to m.s.ff, it's cross-post never made it into

Why did you even get involved if you don't care?

because you are polluting the m.gen news group with stuff that doesn't belong here!! Note: for what it's worth, once I establish a thread is meant for m.s.ff, I usually mark it as read or Ignore it (i.e. K for killfile) so I'm not bothered by it, but in this particular case, I thought I might be able to actually assist you!

I tried!!


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