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Re: Tab Mix Plus WebExtension Development Build is out

My bloviated meandering follows what Caver1 graced us with on 2/6/2018 11:54 AM:
"The release is an early development build and users of Tab Mix Plus should not get their hopes up just yet as it lacks pretty much all the functionality of the legacy add-on. Still, the release of the WebExtensions-based version of Tab Mix Plus is a sign of life."


It is listed as experimental.
You should read the whole ghacks article before deciding.

Yep, it's really just a few "about:config" pref settings that don't really do much to improve Quantum's quite sucky tabs UI ... as yet.

I have already donated to them in hopes they can eventually pull off a TMP add-on that will allow me to productively use Quantum. Until then, it's Fx52.xESR as my go-to browser.

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