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Re: Firefox is becoming a bloated piece of ram eating software

WaltS48 wrote on 2/6/2018 12:02 PM:
On 2/6/18 1:38 PM, pierre.courtois@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Before I start I'd like to say I use firefox exclusively over all other browser. I've been using since it was put into production. It speed and the capability to use adons was a big plus in making it a "safer" alternative to the opposition.

But as time goes on it became more and more of a memory and resource hog. And now since the last few updates it became even worse. It spawn many individuals processes in task manager, you can't keep it on for more than a couple days at a time before it slow the whole system to a crawl. So much so that when it does slow to a crawl I usually kill the processes manually, which you made tedious to do with so many processes.

Come on devs, get a grip and make it back like it was, a fast reliable alternative to everything else out there, not this slow, bloated piece of software that can barely run for more than a couple days without a restart. Frankly, I'm getting tired of it and seriously looking at alternative because the joy of using something nice to use is getting

Don't forget to place some blame on the extension developers whose extensions leak memory. Come on devs, get a grip and plug the memory leaks in your extensions.

Now, why do you need to keep Firefox on for days?

I like to sleep occasionally, usually every night, quit all applications, shutdown the computer, turn off the lights and save money on my utility bill.

I too worry about my utility bill. My solution - and I recommend it to you - is to have my desktops enter S3 sleep state where a total of 6 watts is used to refresh a 64GB memory and maintain system state. I always knock down my browser after use so I don't enable session long data leakages. So security might be at risk but surely not money. I figure that 6 watts for 16 hours a day at 13 cents per kilowatt hour is less than five dollars a year! Of course you can save that five dollars by shut down or hibernation. If the latter, you are likely to run into the problems described above since one doesn't tend to shut down apps when hibernating.

I don't have the problem you report.

Tip: There are no devs here that will read your rant. Try https://qsurvey.mozilla.com/s3/FirefoxInput/

The above isn't a rant. FF and TB sold themselves to the public by making several claims: 1) not MS, 2) responsive to user's needs, 3) standards compliant, 4) extensions so we could tailor to our liking, 5) along with 4 implementing many standard browser features through extensions, 6) light weight, memory efficient, fast, 7) still not MS. The original poster is simply stating that Mozilla has lost their vision and think it's the users fault - a view you seem to share.

The problem is trying to make a profit so listening to other than users. I recall several times in the past years suggesting that I in particular and other users PAY a small amount of Yankee cash to support Mozilla and being told in scathing language that that would never happen. There is a widening breach between Mozilla and its user community. One can only hope that this breach doesn't widen much more.
Jeff Barnett
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