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Re: userChrome.css will not be supported indefinitely

On 2018-01-31 09:49, WaltS48 <WaltS48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 1/30/18 11:57 PM, B00ze wrote:
On 2018-01-30 14:30, WaltS48 <WaltS48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


So, you all want somebody to hack into your userContent.css, or
userChrome.ccs files and hijack your Firefox.


Oh, c'mon!  Just how are they going to do that?

The same way they could with Complete Themes I guess.

Hack into your computer, edit the files and save them. Or maybe
completely replace them.

The next time you open Firefox, it doesn't look like you last used it.

You should probably remove your operating system Walt "I Like whatever
Mozilla does" S48, THAT can be hacked too you know...


Didn't say I like everything Mozilla does. Somebody has to yank your
chains. ;-)

Lol, you NEVER complain ;-) It's always a "Good Change." I'm just as bad, I ALWAYS complain!

I do just use the browser to browse.

Me too, but I love the fact I can fiddle with everything.

Do you users change the GUI of all the applications you use, or just

Yeah, I do tend to customize everything. I even go to the trouble of editing DLLs with Resource Hacker to change, for example, the wording of context-menu options that I do not like (which means I have to re-edit the darn things every time the program updates itself). I change so many things, that re-installing Windows from scratch is about a 1 year process for me...

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